False or misleading content presented as news and communicated in formats spanning spoken, written, printed, electronic, and digital communication.”  -Nolan Higdon, Media Scholar

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How to Recognize Fake News

Birds Aren't Real  Inside a Gen Z Conspiracy Theory. 


Welcome to the Erickson Library's Fake News guide. You'll find tabs at the top that will lead you to additional information with print and online resources. 

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Interactive Media Bias Chart

Interactive Media Bias Chart: Become a smart news consumer by checking the bias of your news sources. 

Play Factitious!

Factitious:  Test your instincts in this online game. Can you spot a fake story?

Add these Browser Extensions to Detect Fake News

Trustedweb: Select from 12 Extensions listed to help you avoid fake news

Informable: Test your news literacy



How to Spot Fake News -

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