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Welcome to the Erickson Library's Collaboration & Group Work guide. You'll find tabs at the top that will lead you to additional information with print and online resources. 

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Group Work

Personality Lab: Online Personality Tests
Find out more about yourself and those around you by taking one or more of the personality tests at this site. All of these questionnaires have been developed by research psychologists. Results are free and provided instantly.

Teamwork: Surviving Group Projects
This University of Minnesota student sites sets out "Steps to Success," dispels common myths about teamwork, addresses conflict management, and provides tools to support collaboration.

Online Conversations

Google Hangouts
Hangout with your friends anytime, anywhere for free with Google's application for live conversations.

Skype is a free communications and collaboration tool to be downloaded and installed on your computer. You can use it to have text and voice message conversations with others who have Skype for free. You can also purchase credit to call landlines and mobiles at low cost around the world.

Video meetings, chat, webinars, and more.

Schedule and Plan Your Meetings

Doodle is a scheduling tool that allows your team to find meeting times that work for all team members.

Use the GroupMe app for free group texting. It works on all smartphones, and even has a SMS option for other devices.

WorkFlowy is a simple task management tool that allows your team to keep track of what tasks need to get done and who is going to do them.

Share Documents & Presentations Online

Put your files into your Dropbox on one computer, and they'll be instantly available on any of your other computers that you've installed Dropbox on (Windows, Mac, and Linux too!). Because a copy of your files are stored on Dropbox's secure servers, you can also access them from any computer or mobile device.

Google Docs
Work collaboratively and in real-time with Google Docs.

Slideshare is a site where you can host your presentations (and documents) and share them with others. Presentations can be linked to at the site itself or else embedded in a web page. Slideshare is also a useful resource site of free presentations and other documents.


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