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Chapter 5: Computer Programming


More about: JavaScript (Wikipedia)
More about: Computer Programming Language (Britannica Academic)


NotePad++ Download

HTML Color Names

HTML Color Names (w3schools)

Document Object Model (DOM)

More about: Document Object Model (Mozilla)
More about: JavaScript HTML DOM (w3schools)

Keyboard Characters

ASCII Code - The Extended ASCII Table

Chapter 6: Cybersecurity

End User Best Practices


More about: Cryptology (Britannica Academic)
More about: Vigenere Cipher (Britannica Academic)
More about: Data Encryption (Britannica Academic)
More about: Public-key Cryptography (Britannica Academic)
More about: DES (Britannica Academic)
More about: RSA Encryption (Britannica Academic)
More about: AES (Britannica Academic)


OpenPGP Standard

MDS Hash

MDS Hash Generator


SHA-256 Hash Calculator

Background / Definitions

Computer Science (Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology)
Computer Science (Oxford Encyclopedia of the History of American Science, Medicine, and Technology)

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology

Books and EBooks

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Crash Course: Computer Science

Virtualization Explained (IBM Cloud)

Representing Numbers and Letters with Binary: Crash Course Computer Science #4

Binary Numbers: Math Bites with Danica McKellar

JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners: Learn JavaScript in 1 Hour

Cybersecurity: Crash Course Computer Science #31

Cryptography: Crash Course Computer Science #33


Keyword Search Tips

1. Useful keywords: computer science, computer programming, cybersecurity
2. Break down your topic into smaller concepts and identify synonyms.
3. Use and to combine keywords, i.e. "computers and history"
4. Use or to expand your results, i.e. "computers or networks"
5. Use "quotaton marks" to search keywords as a phrase, i.e. "computer science"
6. Use an asterik* to search multiple endings, i.e. comput* will search computers, computing, etc.