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Background / Definitions

Joseph Campbell (Britannica Academic)

Archetypes (Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained)
Folklore (Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained)
Mythology (Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained)
Myths and Mythology (World of Sociology, Gale)
Folk Literature (Britannica Academic)

American Myth (Bloomsbury Dictionary of Myth)
Celtic Myth (Bloomsbury Dictionary of Myth)
Egyptian Myth (Bloomsbury Dictionary of Myth)
Germanic Religion and Mythology (Britannica Academic)
Greek Mythology (Britannica Academic)
Japanese Mythology (Britannica Academic)

Cliff Notes on Mythology by James Weigel
Complete Idiot's Guide to Classical Mythology by Kevin Osborn and Dana Burgess


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World Mythology

Finding background information on your subject is helpful before you dive into subject specific databases. Credo Reference (link below) is a great place to start to gather ideas for keywords.

A few keywords to try: mythology, myth, folklore, legends.

Visit the Articles tab to get more tips on using keywords in databases.

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Books and EBooks

Folklore, Myths, and Legends of Cultures

This list is not exhaustive. More eBooks can be found in the Ebsco eBook Collection search:

African-American Folklore
Affrilachian Tales: Folktales From the African-American Appalachian Tradition by Lynette Ford
Beyond the Briar Patch: Affrilachian Folktales, Food, and Folklore by Lynette Ford

African Folklore: An Encyclopedia by Philip Peek and Kwesi Yankah
African Tales by Harold Scheub
Classical Arabic Stories: An Anthology by Salma Khadra Jayyusi
Egg Polisher and Other Tales by Funwi F. Bamenda Ayuninjam
Folktales From the Moose of Burkina Faso by Alain-Joseph Sissao and Nina Tanti
Moroccan Folktales by Jilali Koudia
Riddles, Folktales and Proverbs From Cameroon by Comfort Eneke Ashu
The Sacred Door and Other Stories: Cameroon Folktales of the Beba by Makuchi
Wisdom and Initiation in Gabon: A Philosophical Analysis of Fang Tales, Myths, and Legends by Bonaventure Mve Ondo

American Indian / Native American
Creation Myths and Legends of the Creek Indians by Bill Grantham
Dictionary of Native American Mythology by Sam Gill and Irene Sullivan
Havasupai Legends: Religion and Mythology of the Havasupai Indians of the Grand Canyon by Carma Lee Smithson
Inuit Stories of Being and Rebirth: Gender, Shamanism, and the Third Sex by Bernard Saladin d'Anglure
Kivas of Heaven: Ancient Hopi Starlore by Gary David
Koasati Traditional Narratives by Geoffrey Kimball
Myths and Legends of California and the Old Southwest by Katharine Berry Judson
Myths and Legends of the Sioux by Marie McLaughlin
Myths of the Cherokee by James Mooney (Project Gutenberg)
Native American Legends of the Southeast: Tales from the Natchez, Caddo, Biloxi, Chickasaw, and Other Nations by George Lankford
The Pawnee Mythology by George Dorsey
Rainy River Lives: Stories Told by Maggie Wilson compiled by Sally Cole
Salish Myths and Legends: One People's Stories by Steven Egesdal and Terry Thompson
Sky Loom: Native American Myth, Story, and Song by Brian Swann
Stories of the Sioux by Luther Standing Bear and Herbert Morton Stoops
Traditions of the Arapaho by George Amos Dorsey and A.L. Kroeber
Traditions of the Osage: Stories Collected and Translated by Francis La Flesche by Garrick Alan Bailey
Voices From Four Directions: Contemporary Translations of the Native Literatures of North America by Brian Swann
Wigwam Evenings by Charles Alexander Eastman
Woods Cree Stories by Solomon Ratt

Book of Yokai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore by Michael Dylan Foster
Chinese Folklore Tales by J. Macgowan
Folk Stories of the Hmong: Peoples of Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam by Norma Livo and Dia Cha
Himalayan Tribal Tales: Oral Tradition and Culture in the Apatani Valley by Stuart Blackburn
Hindu Goddesses: Visions of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religious Tradition by David Kinsley
An Illustrated Guide to Korean Mythology by Won-Oh Choi
Indian Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs
Japanese Fairy Tales compled by Yei Theodora Ozaki (Project Gutenberg)
Myths & Legends of China by E.T.C. Werner (Project Gutenberg)
Sakuntala: Texts, Readings, Histories by Romila Thapar
The Sanskrit Hero: Karna in Epic Mahabharata by Kevin McGrath
Thai Tales: Folktales of Thailand by Supaporn Vathanaprida, Margaret Read MacDonald, and Boonsong Rohitasuke
Vikram and the Vampire: Classi Hindu Tales of Adventure, Magic and Romance by Isabel Burton and Richard Francis Burton

Anthology of English Folk Tales
Cavan Folk Tales by Gary Branigan
Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs
Celtic Mythology by J. A. MacCulloch
Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson
Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
Folktales of the Jews, Volume 1: Tales From the Sephardic Dispersion edited by Dan Ben-Amos
Folktales of the Jews, Volume 2: Tales From Eastern Europe edited by Dan Ben-Amos
From Olympus to Camelot: The World of European Mythology by David Leeming
Grimm's Fairy Tales, editor: Frances Jenkins Olcott; illustrator: Rie Cramer (Project Gutenberg)
Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens; illustrator: Arthur Rackham
Legends of Switzerland by H. A. Guerber (Project Gutenberg)
Limerick Folk Tales by Ruth Marshall
Norse Mythology: A Guide to Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs by John Lindow
The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm: The Complete First Edition translated and edited by Jack Zipes
Tyrone Folk Tales by Doreen McBride

Middle East
Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights by Andrew Lang
Folklore and Folklife in the United Arab Emirates by Sayyid Hamid Hurriez
A Hundred and One Nights by Bruce Fudge
Jealous Gods and Chosen People: The Mythology of the Middle East by David Leeming
Moroccan Folktales by Jilali Koudia
Nart Sagas From the Caucasus: Myths and Legends from the Circassians, Abazas, Abkhaz, and Ubykhs by John Colarusso
Speak Bird, Speak Again: Palestinian Arab Folktales by Ibrahim Muhawi and Sharif Kanaana

North America
The Corn Woman: Stories and Legends of the Hispanic Southwest retold by Angel Vigil
Folk Tales, Tall Tales, Trickster Tales, and Legends of the Supernatural From the Pinelands of New Jersey by Herbert Halpert and J.D.A. Widdowson
Folklore: In All of Us, In All We Do edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt
Myths, Legends, and Folktales of America: An Anthology by David Leeming and Jake Page
Nilh Iza Sptakwlhkalh: These Are Our Legends by Jan van Elijk
Our Voices: Native Stories of Alaska and the Yukon by James Ruppert and John Lincoln
Wisconsin Folklore by James Leary
Wyoming Folklore: Reminiscences, Folktales, Beliefs, Customs, and Folk Speech by Susan Dow, Roger Welsch, and James Dow

South America
Afro-Cuban Tales: Cuentos Negros de Cuba by Lydia Cabrera
Decoding Andean Mythology by Margarita Marin-Dale
Eagle and the Cactus: Traditional Stories from Mexico by Angel Vigil and Francisco Miraval
Mayan Tales from Chiapas, Mexico by Robert Laughlin
The Rabbit on the Face of the Moon: Mythology in the Mesoamerican Tradition by Alfredo Lopez Austin
When Night Falls, Kric! Krac! Haitian Folktales by Liliane Nerete Louis
Xurt'an: The End of the World and Other Myths, Songs, Charms, and Chants by the Northern Lacandones of Naha' by Suzanne Cook

General / Anthology / Compilations / More
Tatterhood: Feminist Folktales From Around the World (vol. 1) by Ethel Johnston Phelps
Kamala: Feminist Folktales From Around the World (vol. 2) by Ethel Johnston Phelps
Sea Girl: Feminist Folktales from Around the World (vol. 3) by Ethel Johnston Phelps
The Hunter Maiden: Feminist Folktales From Around the World (vol. 4) by Ethel Johnston Phelps
Creatures in the Mist: Little People, Wild Men and Spirit Beings Around the World: A Study in Comparative Mythology by Gary Varner
The Hero's Quest and the Cycles of Nature: An Ecological Interpretation of World Mythology by Rachel McCoppin
Mythology: The Voyage of the Hero by David Adams Leeming
Myths, Legends, and Folktales of America: An Anthology by David Adams Leeming
Origins of the World's Mythologies by E.J. Michael Witzel
The Twin Horse Gods: The Dioskouroi in Mythologies of the Ancient World by Henry John Walker
Wise Women: Folk and Fairy Tales From Around the World by Suzanne Barchers and Leann Mullineaux
World of Myth: An Anthology by David Adams Leeming

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Physical Copies at Erickson Library

Dictionary of African Mythology: The Mythmaker as Storyteller by Harold Scheub
Call number: Reference BL2400 .S24 2000

Handbook of Egyptian Mythology by Geraldine Pinch
Call number: Reference BL2441.3 .P56 2002

Legends of the Earth, Sea, and Sky: An Encyclopedia of Nature Myths by Tamra Andrews
Call number: Main BL435 .A53 1998

Nectar & Ambrosia: An Encyclopedia of Food in World Mythology by Tamra Andrews
Call number: Reference GR498 .A53 2000

Norse Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs by John Lindow
Call number: Main BL860 .L56 2002

Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
Call number: Main BL304.C36 1990

Thematic Guide to World Mythology by Lorena Laura Stookey
Call number: Main BL312 .S76 2004

World Mythology: An Anthology of the Great Myths and Epics by Donna Rosenberg
Call number: Main BL311 .R63 1994

World of Myth by David Adams Leeming
Call number: Main BL311 .L328 1992

Archetypes and Motifs

Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours by Gregory Nagy (Ebsco eBook)
Archetypal Patterns in Fairy Tales by Marie-Luise von Franz (Ebsco eBook)
Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature: A Handbook by Jane Garry (Ebsco eBook Collection)
The Epic Hero by Dean A. Miller (Ebsco eBook)
The Mother: Archetyal Image in Fairy Tales by Sibylle Birkheauser-Oeri and Marie-Luise von Franz (Ebsco eBook)
The Myth of the Birth of the Hero: A Psychological Exploration of Myth by Otto Rank (Ebsco eBook)
The Myth of the Modern Hero: Changing Perceptions of Heroism by Jane Bownas (Ebsco eBook)
Mythology: The Voyage of the Hero by David Leeming (Ebsco eBook)
Trickster and Hero: Two Characters in the Oral and Written Traditions of the World by Harold Scheub (Ebsco eBook)

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a library of free EBooks and includes downloadable books on mythology.


Keyword Search Tips

1. Useful keywords: folklore, myths, mythology, legends
2. Break down your topic into smaller concepts and identify synonyms.
3. Use and to combine keywords, i.e. "greek mythology and hero"
4. Use or to expand your results, i.e. "mythology or myth"
5. Use "quotaton marks" to search keywords as a phrase, i.e. "chinese mythology"
6. Use an asterik* to search multiple endings, i.e. myth* will search mythology, myth, myths, mythological, etc.
7. Provide specific names e.g. "Odin" or "Zeus" - if the name has a variety of spellings try each spelling e.g. "Cronus or "Kronos".


Textbooks and Documents

Bullfinch's Mythology
Focuses mainly on Greek Mythology and Arthurian Legends

Egyptian Myth and Legend
Covers Egyptian religion, history, and culture through its entire civilization.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Online encyclopedia covering a variety of cultures and mythologies.

Mythology Unbound: An Online Textbook for Classical Mythology

Religion of the Ancient Celts
Free e-textbook available through Amazon discussing the mythology and religion of the Ancient Celts

Internet Sacred Text Archive
This website claims to have the most freely available materials relating to world mythology, religion, and folklore on the internet.

Creation Myths and Legends of the Creek Indians
An OER textbook covering creation myths and legends of the Creek Indian tribe.

Plutarch on Isis and Osiris: Text, Cult, and Cultural Appropriation

Tales of Wandering Stars (Inca Mythology)
A brief explanation of important stars in Inca Mythology, believed to have been recorded by an ancient Inca poet.

The Sad Story of the Three Siblings (Arab Myth)
An Arab myth explaining the locations of three stars (Canopus, Gomesia, and Sirius) in the night sky.