Research Guide for

BIOL 1100 Survey of Biology (De la Mora)


Choosing Keywords

Use keywords based on your topic to search the database. Make sure that you have alternate terms, synonyms, and similar topics in mind when searching the databases, so you can mix and match your keywords when searching. 

For this extra-credit assignment, you’ll be finding an article that relates biology or an element of the scientific process to your major. This means you will be searching for a biology/science concept a concept from your major. For example, if you were majoring in communications, you might look at how the scientific method is applied to journalism.

Watch this video about brainstorming keywords and searching the databases.

Find Articles


Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost)
Articles in all subjects from scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. An all-purpose database and often a good place to start.

Academic OneFile (Gale)
Academic OneFile (Gale)Articles in all subjects from scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. An all-purpose database.

Scholarly articles, ebooks, and primary sources in the social sciences, humanities, earth and biological sciences, and more. Includes image results from Artstor.

Combined Search

Combined Search helps find articles, books, and videos from the library collection.

Note: Combined Search results include both online content and paper books available for pickup at the library. Follow these instructions to request a book (PDF) be held for pickup.


Individual Publications

Journal Title Search

If you know the name of the journal you want to search, use the Journal Title Search to see if it is available in print or online from the library.

  Here's the online records for a few publications you might look in to find articles. Look for a a link or search box that says something like "Search within this publication":

Scientific American
Science (via JSTOR, 1880-2012)
Science (via publication website, 1997-present)
Popular Science
The New Yorker
The Scientist
Science News
National Geographic 
The New York Times


Ask a Librarian

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