Research Guide for

BIOL 1100 Survey of Biology (Muncy)


Find Websites

Websites can have valuable information, provided they are authored and published by credible people or organizations.  Below are some suggested web sources.  If you search online on your own, be sure to use the CAPPS Test. 
Scientific American

How Stuff Works - Science
Scientific and technical publications from U.S. federal government agencies. Includes journal articles and other reports of research funded by federal science agencies like the Department of Energy, 

Find Articles

Encyclopedias articles provide broad topic overviews.  They can be helpful when first starting research, as they often supply definitions of terms or ideas.  

Environment E-book Collection (Gale eBooks)
Selected ebooks on environmental topics from Gale.

Salem Science
Encyclopedia ebooks on science topics from Salem Press.

Films on Demand: Biology
Films and videos covering the topics of general biology, human anatomy, physiology, plant and animal biology, marine biology, microbiology and ecology.
Articles from scholarly journals are written by scientists and reflect the latest research in the field. 

Journal articles in the health and life sciences.

Science (Gale OneFile)
Articles from scholarly science journals and science and industry magazines.

Science (AAAS)

Online version of the journal Science published by the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science).

Environmental Science and Technology
Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) is an authoritative source of information for professionals in a wide range of environmental disciplines. The journal combines magazine and research sections and is published both in print and online.

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Evaluate Source Credibility

Evaluate each source you use with CAPPS!
Consider the source's –
C = Currency
A = Author
P = Publication
P = Point of View
S = Sources

More info about CAPPS pdf