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Primary Sources for Minnesota History

Articles for Historical Context

Selected Water History Books and Journals

A History of Water Book Series

All 9 volumes of the History of Water book series are available in the Library. They are shelved in the General Collection call number area GB 671 .H57. Two of the volumes are also available online as e-books. Use the links to the library records below to read the chapter titles (under Details > Contents) to see the topics each book covers.

  1. A History of Water: Water Control and River Biographies (Library Record)
  2. A History of Water: The Political Economy of Water (Library Record)
  3. A History of Water: The World of Water (Library Record)
  4. A History of Water: Ideas of Water from Ancient Societies to the Modern World (Library Record)
  5. A History of Water: Rivers and Societies: From Early Civilizations to Modern Times (Library Record)
  6. A History of Water: Water, Geopolitics, and the New World Order (Library Record)
  7. A History of Water: Water and Urbanization (Library Record)
  8. A History of Water: Sovereignty and International Water Law (Library Record, E-book)
  9. A History of Water: Water and Food: From Hunter-gatherers to Global Production in Africa (Library Record, E-book)

Other Water History Books and Journals


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