Research Guide for

NURS 2920 Applied Pathophysiology for Nursing 2 (Dickson)


Find Journal Articles

CINAHL Complete
Peer-reviewed research articles from health care journals, nursing Continuing Education (CE) modules, standards of practice, evidence-based care sheets, and some health care ebooks. The primary database for nursing research.

Nursing & Allied Health Premium (ProQuest)
Articles from academic and trade publications in nursing and allied health professions. Includes a video library of clinical trainings in nursing..

Journal articles in the health and life sciences.

Health & Medicine (Gale OneFile)
Search for articles on medicine, nursing and allied health.


Refine Your Search

Some database searches return millions of results. To avoid an overwhelming result list and ensure you get the types of articles you're looking for, try some of the advanced search options. These are the most common limiters but there are many options in the databases:

limit to full text
limit to articles published within the last 5 years (this is a requirement for this assignment)
choose the language of publication (not all articles are published in English)

limit to articles written by a nurse and/or MDs
CINAHL Plus allows you to limit for articles written by a nurse. Use this function to your advantage

The example below is from CINHAL Plus but similar options are available in the other databases. If you don't see these options try clicking on "Advanced Search" before entering any terms in the search box. 

You do not have to select "full text." This ensures that the title you're looking for is available through the database but sometimes it means you miss out on valuable information. If you choose not to select full text you can still access many of the articles that are not available through the database through Interlibrary Loan. Try "check for full text" first. Often the article you're looking for is available through another database and our system will take you to it. If that doesn't work you can request through ILL. Look for "Interlibrary Loan Request," "Get article from another library," or a similar link. You'll be required to enter your StarID and password to submit the form and you can check the status of any ILL requests in your library account. 

This video for using advance search in CINAHL Plus will be helpful:

Browse Articles by Journal Title

Journal Title Search

If you know the name of the journal you want to search, use the Journal Title Search to see if it is available in print or online from the library.

American Journal of Nursing
MedSurg Nursing
Journal of Community Nursing
Nursing Management

**Hint: Select "Title contains all words" and search Nursing to find all journals that contain the word Nursing in the title.**

The Normandale library subscribes to the following nursing journals in print:

American Journal of Nursing
Journal of Nursing Education
Nursing Research



Find Books

Ask a Librarian

Call, e-mail, or chat with a librarian for more research assistance. We're happy to help!

  (952) 358-8290


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Reference and Instruction Librarian

Note: Your chat question may be directed to a librarian from another college when Normandale librarians are unavailable.

Access Our Databases from Anywhere

Online Library Access Info
To access databases and other Library resources, login with your StarID and password when prompted.  Access is only available to current Normandale students and employees.


Identify Types of Sources

Understanding Scholarly Sources
When conducting research, it is important to distinguish between different types of articles. This guide explains the differences between scholarly, popular, and trade publications using examples from the food/nutrition world!

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan
If there are books and/or articles that you need for your research that Normandale Library does not own, you can request them through Interlibrary Loan. It usually takes from 3 to 5 days for the requested material to arrive at Normandale Library. This service is free to faculty, staff, and students.

Blank Request Form (StarID login)

Cite Your Sources (APA)

APA Formatting and Style Guide (OWL at Purdue) 

APA Style

APA Quick Guide (PDF)

Keyboard shortcuts for creating a hanging indent in Microsoft Word

How to format your headings to different styles

Youtube video explaining how to properly space a Word document in APA format.

YouTube video explaining how to add page numbers in a Word document (No running head necessary).

Don't forget that our catalog and scholarly databases provide citations for you! Look for "citation" or "cite this" when you're looking at the record for an article or book. Choose APA and be sure to double check the formatting--they're not always 100% accurate and it's a silly place to lose points.