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POLS 1195 Conflict and Negotiation (Burch)


Choosing a Topic

Sometimes the hardest part of researching is getting started and choosing a topic. Watch this video from North Carolina State University to find out more about choosing a topic:

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If you don't have a particular author or title in mind, try searching in a database by subject or topic:

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ProQuest News & Newspapers

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Combined Search

Combined Search helps find articles, books, and videos from the library collection.

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Academic Search Premier (EbscoHost)
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Databases do not understand sentences or "natural language". We have to use keywords -- the main words of our topics -- when searching. Here are some example keywords to use in searching. Mix and match them to find more articles. (Note: this is not an exhaustive list!)

dispute resolution
conflict resolution
conflict management
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) examples: facilitation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration
restorative Justice
peace Circles
victim-Offender Reconciliation Programs (VORP)
truth and Reconciliation commissions
peer mediation (especially in schools)

For more on searching for keywords in databases, watch this video from Norwich University:

Find Specific Articles

Use the library's Journal Finder, to find a specific article from the list below. A bibliography from a book or different article is also a good way to find specific articles.

Journal Title Search

If you know the name of the journal you want to search, use the Journal Title Search to see if it is available in print or online from the library.


Classic Articles in Dispute Resolution
Aubert V. "Competition and Dissensu: Two Types of Conflict and Conflict Resoluation." Journal of Conflict Resolution 7 (1963): 26-32.
Barsky, A.E. "When Advocates and Mediators Negotiate." Negotiation Journal 9 (1993) 115-122; 273-274.
Lang, Michael, ed. "Transformative Approaches to Mediation". Special Issue. Mediation Quarterly 13(4) (1996).

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Find Materials by Authors

Try searching for books or articles by author.

Prominent Authors in the field:
Azar, Edward E.
Bercowitch, Jacob.
Blalock, Hubert M.
Boulding, Kenneth
Burton, John.Bush, Robert A.
De Bono, Edward
Kolb, Deborah
Pruitt, Dean G.
Kriesberg, Louis
Lang, Michael
Menkel-Meadow, Carrie
Moore, Christopher W.
Pruit, Dean G.
Rubin, Jeffrey Z.