SubjectsPlus is an open source tool, similar to LibGuides. You can create:
  • Subject, course and topic guides
  • Database A-Z list
  • Staff list
  • FAQ page
We are on version 4.5.1. 

Click here for the documentation.

University of Miami is a nice example of what can be done with SubjectsPlus.

Questions? Put in a ticket.

In case you want to see the 2018 SCSU user manual, it is here.
1 - Think about chunks of content that you want to reuse across guides and keep them in separate boxes.

2 -
When copying content, watch for extra formatting in the code. It is safest to paste content into a plain text editor such as Notepad to get rid of extra formatting.

3 - Watch out for this delete button. You probably do not want to delete all your content!

Instead look for the trash can in the box you want to delete:

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Or you could put a link instead . . .
Search our Resources Here
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Embedding a specific FOD video
The easiest option is to do it as a link:
Watch this video: The Virus: What Went Wrong?

Using the video box for Youtube
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Link List
  • Add records
  • Build guides
  • In addition, if you want to use the staff section of your SubjectsPlus, please also enter your staff info (name, title, phone, email, picture, etc.)

Remember that there is a possibility to get crazy formatting when copying and pasting your content. It is safest to paste as plain text (look for the clipboard with the T icon in SubjectsPlus or copy from Notepad).
Use the API to get information from your old version
  • Enable API in Admin > Site Config
  • Copy the key from there
  • Instructions will be here: https://xyz.lib.minnstate.edu/api
  • For example, put in your key and correct proxy name and this will get all the database descriptions in xml: https://xyz.lib.minnstate.edu/api/database/letter/All/output/xml/key/api-key
  • Is your proxy prefix correct? (https://xyzproxy.mnpals.net/login?url= in Admin>Config>Guides/Records)
  • If you want to use it, does your Primo widget work correctly? (Some people prefer to provide a link over to their Primo instead of a search box.)
  • Do your users have the right permissions for what they need to do?
  • Tweak your Sources if needed. More info here.
Keep your links current
Remember to periodically use a link checker tool to find links that have changed such as: https://validator.w3.org/checklink
You will get a monthly report via email from Matomo Analytics including:
  • Visits with average time/visit
  • Pageviews on your guides