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Need help selecting a research topic, locating scholarly peer-reviewed articles, citing sources, or figuring out whether or not a source is credible? Faculty librarians are here for you. We can assist you through chat or email, or through Zoom research consultations. We are here to help you be successful with any research project, in any discipline. 
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Faculty Librarians
Robin Ewing, Professor
General topics, education, assessment, collections, online teaching

Michael Gorman, Associate Professor
General topics, geography, government documents

Tom Hergert, Professor
Media, online teaching and learning

Susan Hubbs, Professor
General topics, 

Plamen Miltenoff, Professor
Online teaching and learning, open access and open educational resources, 

Melissa Prescott, Professor
General topics; ethnic studies; sociology; equity, diversity, and inclusion

Jennifer Quinlan, Associate Professor
General topics, art and literature, open access and open educational resources

Tom Steman, Professor
University Archives, public history
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