Research Guide for

HIST 1133 Minnesota History (Sharpe)



Articles for Historical Context

Scholarly articles, ebooks, and primary sources in the social sciences, humanities, earth and biological sciences, and more. Includes image results from Artstor.

American History (Infobase)
American political, military, social, and cultural history including daily life in America. Includes topic overviews, timelines, charts and maps, and some primary sources.  

African American History
500 years of African-American history.

American Indian History (Infobase)
American Indian history and cultures from first contact with colonizers to the present. Includes topic overviews, timelines, charts and maps, some primary sources, and a tribe index.
Minnesota History Magazine Index

Scholarly magazine on Minnesota history. Browse this A-Z topic index to find links to articles that mention topics, people, or places of interest. Index covers articles published from 1915-2017. For more recent articles, browse each issue online at the Minnesota History archive by date.

Online Archive & Index  

Minnesota History: The Quarterly of the Minnesota Historical Society (print)
Minnesota History: The Quarterly of the Minnesota Historical Society is a peer-reviewed magazine. Normandale Library owns print issues from 1925-present. The most recent issue can be found in the Magazine Collection. For older issues, as at the Circulation Desk.

Primary Sources for Minnesota History

Refine Your Topic

Choosing a research topic can take a bit of trial and error. After choosing a topic, you may need to refine it as you start your research. Watch the video below from North Carolina State University Library to understand the research cycle.

Refining Your Topic
Use this guide from Golden Gate University for addtional tips and information for refining your topic. 

Picking Your Topic IS Research (North Carolina State University Library)

Developing Keywords for Your Research (Monroe CC Libraries)

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Primary Sources: Provide direct or firsthand evidence
Can be Qualitative or Quantitative Data
Examples: Diaries, speeches, photographs, census data, and other government documents, newspaper articles

Secondary Sources: Produced after the event and analyze or interpret in some way. 
Examples: biographies, scholarly Articles, encyclopedias, newspapers

Understanding Primary and Secondary Sources (Imagine Easy Solutions)

Ask a Librarian

Access Databases from Off Campus

Keyword Worksheet

Evaluate Source Credibility

Cite your Sources (MLA)

Cite your Sources (Chicago)