Research Guide for

POLS 1152 Model United Nations (Klages)


UN Documents Research

Country Background Information & Statistics

Select a country from the dropdown menu in the left column.
These country profiles include descriptions of political economic climate, human rights, and environmental issues.
Note the helpful "Foreign Relations" section of each Country Review.

CIA World Factbook
Public versions of country profiles written by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

UN Data
Search all the UN's statistical databases at once (e.g. population, health, crime, environment, labor, etc.).

Selected News Sources

News from the UN

UN News Centre
The official news service of the UN; the site includes articles, radio and TV coverage, and press releases.

The Economist Magazine

The Economist

A weekly magazine covering international politics, economics, and business news. This link accesses The Economist through Academic OneFile.

How to Search: ​Enter a country name and/or topic in the "Search Within Publication" box to find articles mentioning those words.

screenshot of Economist search interface

Western News Agencies

Country Wire
Interested in what's happening in a particular country? Browse news stories organized by country and month. Articles come from western news-wire services like Agence France-Presse and Voice of America. Part of the CountryWatch database.

News Media in Your Countries

A to Z the World
Select a country then click on "Media Outlets" to view links to newspapers in that country. This website contains other background information on many countries (not all countries included).

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Access Databases from Off Campus

Off-Campus Access Info
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United Nations Handbook

This PDF e-book contains information about UN organizations, subsidiaries, and programs. Includes a handy acronym chart and list of regional groups.

Writing Resolutions

Remember to follow the conference resolution requirements!

AMUNC Resolution Information

Sample Preambulatory Phrases
Affirming Guided by
Alarmed by Having adopted
Approving Having considered
Aware of  Having considered further
Bearing in Mind Having devoted attention
Believing Having examined
Confident Having heard
Contemplating Having received
Convinced Having studied
Declaring Keeping in mind
Deeply concerned Noting with regret
Deeply conscious Noting with deep concern
Deeply convinced Noting with satisfaction
Deeply disturbed Noting further
Deeply regretting Noting with approval
Desiring Observing
Emphasizing Reaffirming
Expecting Realizing
Expressing its appreciation Recalling
Expressing its satisfaction Recognizing
Fulfilling Referring
Fully alarmed Seeking
Fully aware Taking into account
Fully believing Taking into consideration
Further deploring Taking note
Further recalling Welcoming

Sample Operative Phrases
Accepts Further proclaims
Affirms Further recommends
Approves Further reminds
Authorizes Further requests
Calls Further resolves
Calls upon  Has resolved
Condemns Notes
Confirms Proclaims
Congratulates Reaffirms
Considers Recommends
Declares accordingly Regrets
Deplores Reminds
Designates Solemnly affirms
Draws the attention Strongly condemns
Emphasizes Supports
Encourages Takes note of
Endorses Transmits
Expresses its appreciation Trusts
Expresses its hope  
Further invites  

Cite Your Sources

Cite Non-UN Documents

MLA Quick Guide (PDF)
See MLA citation examples for the most common types of sources (9th edition).

Cite UN Documents

UN Citation Quick Guide pdf 

About URLs to UN Documents

Many URLs for UN official documents will not work permanently. To make a stable link, use this URL format: For example, the stable link to Resolution A/RES/67/97 would be